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Rental - Yorkville PSA1 Line Array Speaker System - Call for Prices

Rental - Yorkville PSA1 Line Array Speaker System - Call for Prices

Sight & Sound offers limited rental of our equipment from our full service professional audio, lighting, & staging production division. This is the really good stuff. Our Yorkville Paraline PSA1  Line Array Speaker system consists of up to 4 cabinets per side at a continuous 700 Watts (1200 Watts Peak) per speaker for up to a 9600 Watt sound system.  These boxes are extremely efficient and you can daisy chain up to 4 boxes together on a single power cord.  For the tech savvy customers, these speakers are "flyable" when rented with our crank up lift towers and single 8 foot truss sections.  This system is a state of the art system offering the highest audio fidelity and efficiency in our line up. This active full range loud speaker system delivers the clarity and precision of a complex line array in a compact, user friendly format. Each box has exactly 15 degrees of vertical dispersion  and 110 degrees of horizontal coverage. Each box has 2 BMS 1.75 inch driver and Celestion 6 inch woofers that provide and ultra-responsive low frequency program. This system is ideal for venues where clarity and power of a line array system is needed. This system is all about adaptability while still keeping clarity. These boxes are all powered. There is no need to carry and setup amp racks and take precious setup time running all of the extra heavy cable. Simply run one power cable and one audio cable and daisy chain the boxes easily. One box can be used by itself or combine with three other boxes to make the full line array. With 2 pole mounting positions, 2 boxes can be linked together and function while sitting on a speaker stand. With this ability, it is like having the mobility  of using a 15 inch top, but the power of a line array. If there are the fly points available, up to four boxes can be linked together. With adjustable fly points and a pull back point, these boxes can be aimed exactly how you need them to have the best optimal crowd coverage to make your client happy. Use this system with our paraline PSA2 dual 15 inch sub woofers for the bass that you will feel in your chest. This system is currently  not kept at the store. It is stored with our production lighting, trussing, and sound at our warehouse location. Call for details. This system may not be rented to all customers for reasons of adequate security scrutiny due to the high value of this item, technical ability to operate it correctly, and the required skills to safely hang or "fly" this system.  Certificate of Insurance (COI) may be required to rent this system. This system can be delivered, set up, operated,  and torn down and returned by one of our technicians.


  • Active or Passive:  Active
  • Program Power (Watts) 700 Program (1200 Watts Peak)
  • Biampable:         Biamp
  • Max SPL (dB) :    128dB Peak (125dB Continuous)
  • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB)             75Hz-20K
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz)            1.2K
  • Driver Configuration       2x1", 4x6"
  • HF Driver(s)        2x1-inch Ceramic w/ 1.75-inch VoiceCoil
  • HF Program Power (Watts)          75 Watts (200 Watts Peak)
  • HF Dispersion (°H x °V)   110x15
  • HF Protection:   Peak and Average Limiting
  • LF Driver(s)         4x6-inch neo with 45mm VC
  • LF Program Power(Watts)            675 Watts Program (1000 Watts Peak)
  • LF Impedance: (Ohms)  2 Ohm Load
  • LF Protection:    Excursion, RMS
  • HF Power Amplifier (Watts):        75W
  • HF Amplifier Type:           2-Tier Class H
  • LF Power Amplifier (Watts) :        625W
  • LF Amplifier Type:            Class D
  • Cooling Scheme Convection
  • Power Cable:     Removable Locking IEC Input and Loop Thru Output
  • Power Switch:   Yes
  • Power Consumption: (typ/max) 135 VA / 225 VA
  • Inputs:  1 Combijack (XLR / 1/4-inch)
  • Input Sensitivity (Vrms Sine)        Line in 1.4 at center, 0.35 at max
  • Level Controls:  Volume
  • EQ Controls:       HF Boost switch, Fullrange/Sub switch
  • Limiter  Peak and Average limiting on horn and woofer
  • LED Indicators:  Power, Limit, Clip
  • Enclosure Materials:       Injection Molded ABS
  • Baffle Material: Injection Molded ABS
  • Covering / Finish:             Paint
  • Optional Covering / Finishes        Optional Colours available
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches)          14.5 x20.5 x16
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 36.8 x 52.1 x 40.6
  • Weight (lbs/kg) 52 / 23.6

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