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Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler

With the M13, Line 6 has truly changed the game. The first ever complete multi-effects solution that requires no time-consuming deep effect editing, the M13 is set up to work just like a board full of regular guitar pedals. Pick your effect, tweak the knobs to your desire and you're done. The next time you power up your unit, that effect will be exactly as you left it - just like an analog stompbox.

Choose from over 100 distortion, delay, reverb, modulation, filter, wah & eq effects to set up your custom scenes. The M13 allows for up to 48 scenes - which is basically like having 48 pedal boards at your disposal at all times. Never before have such great sounding effects been so easy to use. Each scene allows for 3 rows of four effects - four of which can be used simultaneously. It's simple to set-up and switch back and forth between scenes and the onboard 28 second looper is right there for quick access and easy navigation between looping and effects.

Unlike most other multi-effect pedals, this one is geared towards musicians who actually like using pedals, but want the convenience of an all-in-one unit. Built-tough with heavy duty casing and switches, the M13 is perfect for the gigging musician. Many have already ditched their individual stompboxes in favor of the versatality and quick set-up of the M13. Not that you have to - the M13 features a built-in effects loop for the insertion of your favorite stomp boxes. True-bypass means that your finnicky fuzz pedal and the M13 will get along just fine. Get yours today and let your creativity flow!

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  • Over 100 stompbox effects, 4 simultaneous in any order and any combination
  • Dedicated knobs to control each of the parameters of each effect
  • Create up to 48 pedal board scenes for instant recall. (It's like having 48 fully tricked-out pedal boards available at any time)
  • Universal tap tempo to sync all your time-based effects
  • 28-second looper with dedicated footswitch controls for Undo/Redo, Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed, Reverse, Play Once, and Pre/Post
  • Built-in chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch
  • Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches
  • MIDI in/out
  • 1/4" mono or stereo inputs
  • 1/4" mono or stereo outputs
  • 1/4" stereo assignable effects send/return
  • Two expression pedal jacks
  • True bypass
  • Included AC power adapter
  • Dimensions: 15"W x 3"H x 11.5"D - 10lbs.

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