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Free shipping by FedEx Ground for orders over $100

Repair Shop

Repair Services


Our repair shop is a full service, in house, repair shop. We pride ourselves on caring for your instrument as if it were our own. We have a special bench set up for instruments only that is covered with padded carpet and has padded corners so that your instrument doesn’t get any of the scratches or wear like it would from other repair shops.


We all need our strings changed from time to time. Why not bring your ax in and have one of our technicians take a look at it while we restring it for you. The restring service includes a deep body clean, neck conditioning, restring, and tuning.

Set up

The set up is a very important part of keeping your instrument in the best shape it can be in. Like a car, guitars need some routine maintenance due to humidity, playing style, and string gauge changes. If getting the guitar restrung were like filling your car up with gas then the set up would be like getting the oil changed. The set up includes setting the intonation, adjusting the truss rod, lowering or raising the nut and saddle accordingly, and a restring if needed.

Guitar Setup

General troubleshooting:

When things are not working properly we will gladly take your instrument, amplifier, mixing board, or other gear in to our tech shop and troubleshoot it for you. We will find the problem and call you before we finish the job so that you do not get any surprise costs when you get ready to pay the bill.

Other services

Off site

We offer a full service off site repair team as well as our in house team. These service calls can be anything from troubleshooting a PA you are having problems with to helping your church install a whole new sound system. We can come and help you start to record on your computer set up with your new digital audio workstation or we can install a sound system at your schools football field. Our service department has the experience and know how to be able to help you with your problem.

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Repair Technician

Tony Ayres
Tony Ayres

Tony Ayers is our primary repair technician and has countless years of experience in both guitar repair and electronics repair.